EXPO 2017 will be attended by the International Energy Charter

 EXPO 2017 will be attended by the International Energy Charter

Astana EXPO 2017 will feature pavilions of international organizations besides the national pavilions. The International Energy Charter is preparing for this large-scale event. Its high level delegation will attend the UN conference within the framework of the world’s fair. This became known during the forum in Brussels. Representatives of the participating countries discussed the development of investments in sustainable energy. The organization established in 1991coordinates cooperation between the states of Europe, Africa and Asia. Kazakhstan was one of the first to join the International Energy Charter, and chaired it successfully in 2014.



- Kazakhstan is one of the countries that invest a lot in diversifying both ways and means of energy production, and which at the same time helps to develop the international process, because the International Charter was concluded with a great help from Kazakhstan.



- The International Energy Charter and I personally will take part in the work of expo and in the UN conference, which will be held during the celebration of the exhibition’s opening ceremony. This specialized exhibition on a global scale will facilitate the propagation of the technologies that are key to achieving climate change goals. Kazakhstan is a country with huge hydrocarbon resources. On the other hand, Kazakhstan has a potential to become a special laboratory for developing renewable energy sources. I think that a right decision was made which is to start investing and gradually moving to clean energy sources.


Experts of the World Bank, participating in Astana EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan, consider the expo’s theme “Future Energy" as today’s most relevant topic According to the World Bank vice-president for Europe and Central Asia, Cyril Muller, the theme covers almost all spheres of life. Over the years of Kazakhstan’s cooperation with the World Bank, a framework agreement on partnership has been implemented to support efforts in sustainable development and inclusive growth. Investment projects aims to develop the spheres of education, health, transport infrastructure, ecology and innovation.



-The need to focus on people, skills, education and actually the World Bank just approved a loan to Kazakhstan for a program on education. This is an area we’ve been working with the government but also with society over last few years. And so what we care about the much about education is to make sure that primary and secondary opportunities are there for all people in Kazakhstan, also in rural areas, but also trying to make sure that when children educated they have skills that can be used in the economy.