"Cultural growth and population development will protect Kazakhstan from shocks"

Cultural growth and human capital development will protect Kazakhstan from future economic and political shocks. Education, historical insight and a sense of belonging to a single nation will guarantee stability and progress of the country. Nursultan Nazarbayev has described this in his recent article about the modernization of collective public consciousness. The expert of the Institute of Geopolitical Studies of Italy, Dario Citati, shares the view of the head of state. The expert believes that prioritizing education is a right step.



- Education has a very important role not only in terms of knowing the culture of your country, but also in terms of  the level of civilization, the level of  dialogue between the people that are consistent with society. Society is a family in which misunderstandings can arise or family members can quarrel among themselves. Nevertheless, it is very important to keep the feeling of unity even in the most difficult moments. Education plays a significant role in terms of culture, mentality, development and sense of belonging.


German experts believe that switching the Kazakh language to Latin script will allow Kazakhstan to compete in a digital age. They claim that this step will bring the republic closer to the global community.



- In today's globalized world, we need similar standards which also apply to languages. Therefore, I support adoption of the Latin alphabet and consider this as a very important step. It is the right way to develop the country. This can help to bring Kazakhstan and Germany closer in terms of diplomacy, and in terms of economy and culture. By 2050, Kazakhstan will be part of the world’s 30 most developed countries. I believe that the Kazakh President has done everything possible to reach the level of the leading economies of the world.


Remember the past to build the future. The archive of the President of Kazakhstan has discussed the head of state’s article on the modernization of social consciousness of the country. Experts agree that it is necessary to introduce new world technologies by ensuring the cultural heritage of the people.



- Japan keeps its cultural features and recognizes advanced world achievements. These two don’t contradict each other and instead, they can help to be successful as a nation. I think this is a very vital idea. This idea should be applied in practice. The youg people shouldn’t learn from the West alone. They should never lose their roots. They should stand on these roots and they should contribute to the development of their homeland by absorbing the advanced world achievements.