In Kazakhstan, apples will be grown according to Polish technology

 In Kazakhstan, apples will be grown according to Polish technology

The popular sorts of apples like "Ligol", "Golden Delicious" and "Idared", will be grown in Kazakhstan with the help of unique Polish technologies. A joint horticulture project is implemented in Baidibek Bi village of Almaty region. The new center offers a full range of training and expertise in growing apples. This will help improve the local experience of growing fruits by using innovative solutions.



- Our gardening center provides people with all the necessary information about new technologies. It has a few advantages. We are talking about the export potential of apple producers. We can export fruits to Eastern Russia, specifically, Tomsk and Barnaul. These regions have high demand for apples. They are more likely to buy our apples than import from



Kazakhstan annually imports more than 150 thousand tons of apples. Local production covers less than 30 % of the total consumption of the country. Polish technology of growing apple tress allows increasing the yield significantly. In addition, Kazakhstan has favorable conditions for farmers. In 2014, the government adopted the "Agribusiness-2020" program. It ensures better financing and investing opportunities in agriculture.



- In the first year, we immediately reaped a good harvest of fruits which amounted to 8 tons per hectare. Thus, we saw that we can grow a good garden with good fruit. I think this can take several years and then we will be able to provide the domestic market. However, Kazakhstan’s population is not that big.


Meanwhile, according to World Bank's study, the world's population will reach 9 billion by 2050, and as a consequence, demand for food will be doubled. This is factor can make gardening one of the most successful areas in the development of the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan.