Intellectual potential in the future will be valued most strongly

Intellectual potential in the future will be valued most strongly

Intellectual and creative potential of the people is a great value for any nation. This is what German experts concluded after carefully studying President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s article. According to experts, Kazakhs should pursue higher education. This will allow the country to be competitive not only in the regional market but also in the world market.



 - Competitiveness is an important aspect of modernization. The youth who got the education under the new system will have a big privilege. Moreover, I liked the initiative on switching Kazakh script to Latin alphabet. It is important that the Kazakhs can access to all scientific works which were written in Latin. This is a wise step forward. Second aspect that inspired me is the study of history.  A nation that doesn't remember its history doesn’t have a future. 


Modernization of social consciousness contributes to the preservation of the national code. Russian political scientists have discussed the head of state’s article, too. The experts claim that taking into account the national traits the transformation of the nation’s unique historical experience is an important factor of state reforms.



- As it’s mentioned in the article, economy and politics can’t move forward without changes in consciousness since a human being is a foundation of everything. It’s necessary to keep traditions while implementing the changes. This thought is of importance and sophistication. The pure preservation of culture is conservatism.  The pure changes are ultra-liberalism.  The attempt to combine these two trends, the maintenance of essentials within modernization, is what is required.