Sea cruises on the Caspian Sea may open in the coming years

 Sea cruises on the Caspian Sea may open in the coming years

Sea cruises along the Caspian Sea can be opened in the next two to three years. New ships will be built for such journeys. The sea routes will include stops at five port cities, including Aktau. The seaside region is already preparing to receive tourists and modernizing its infrastructure. Attempts to make sea cruises in other country have already been undertaken. The first cruise took place 10 years ago, when the Russian vessel "Maria Ermolova" entered the port of Aktau. But the project was unprofitable. The next cruise ship moored in Bautino in 2015. Tourists from Russia had the chance to enjoy Kazakhstan's beauties for a few days. The organizers’ plans for the following years had been grand, but due to the difference in the legislation of the countries the vessel was no longer allowed into the Kazakhstani waters. New travel project author, Evgeniya Slyusareva is optimistic about organizing cruises in the Caspian Sea.



- This is a breakthrough project in the tourist market. Because it has never been held before and nowhere else you can find a cruise on the Caspian Sea. Therefore, this is a very important project for all of the states involved. I believe that we need to unite, we need to make some efforts and we must develop this project, because it is very promising.


A number of issues need to be resolved to make Caspian Sea cruises possible. One of them is a visa. In the meantime, Russia and Iran are building cruise ships, which will be ready in a few years. By that time, the Kuryk sea port will be completed in the Mangystau region.


Vox populi:

- Of course, if there was such an opportunity to travel with family, friends, to see other countries that are on the Caspian Sea, it would be great, this is a very good opportunity

- If there are fine cruise liners with quality services and good cuisine, that will be wonderful.


The Caspian Sea is practically unknown for the tourists, just like the Caspian states. In the meantime, each country is ready to surprise with its historical, cultural and natural attractions. Aktau will prepare a special program for sea voyagers. Kazakhstan has been the first state that initiated the cruise on the Caspian Sea. The rest of the countries supported the idea and are already developing their own sea travel routes.