Over 4 thousand cultural events will be held in EXPO-2017

 Over 4 thousand cultural events will be held in EXPO-2017

Over 4 thousand cultural events will be held within the framework of the world’s fair in Astana this summer. The three-month long event will allow its visitors to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people that will be showcased in the national cultural complex “Ethnoaul”. The ethnic village will be an exhibition center for local artisans, chefs and artists. The showcase will include traditional games like kokpar, baiga. Visitors will be able buy handmade products. The presentation of the “Ethnoaul” will be held on the 1st of June. The visitors will also be able to see a film market as part of the “Eurasia” international film festival.



 - Film markets are held in all the major film festivals, including the Cannes Festival, the Venetian Festival. Every country will be able to screen their most recent and acclaimed films of the past several years. Visitors will be able to see those films, except those motion pictures competing in the festival. They can learn about the cinemas of different countries.


Several thousand cultural and sports events are being prepared in the capital. According to the organizers, in addition to the festivities and exhibitions, on the 1st of July, the KVN Summer Cup will be held in Astana for the first time. Also, an ice show with participation of figure skating stars and the international Silk Road rally are planned as part of the expo.



 - We are planning to hold "The Silk Road" international motor rally. We will organize a station near Khan Shatyr shopping mall, where people will be able to meet rally participants and take photos with them. There will be  some well-known names among the rally participants.