International financial center "Astana" will attract foreign investments

 International financial center

Leading German experts support the priorities of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, outlined in his address to the Kazakh nation. Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy Michael Harms believes that the Astana International Financial Center, created at the President’s initiative, will play a key role in attracting foreign investments into the Kazakh economy.


MICHAEL HARMS, economist:

 - The Kazakh President pays great attention to the digitalization of the economy, the modernization of industry and introduction of new technologies. We discuss these topics, both in Germany and in Europe. This is very important! Also an important signal for us is the improvement of conditions for entrepreneurs. I welcome the establishment of the International Financial Center "Astana". Investments of German entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan can be much greater. For us, it is very important to support investors and the stable business conditions. I think we should work harder to create more joint projects!


German political scientists also welcome measures taken to implement Kazakhstan’s third modernization. According to Matthias Dorn-Fel-Dt, Kazakhstan has progressed a lot as a result of the previous two modernization programs. In the Central Asian region, Kazakhstan is demonstrating the best development rates both in the economic and socio-political spheres.



 - I want to note that Kazakhstan is constantly developing. We see the effectiveness of state programs and reforms that were introduced by the President. I think you developed the right strategy for the state. The key point in the Address of the Kazakh President was the modernization of the economy. This is very correct, that in the foreground is the improvement of macroeconomic indicators, digitalization, as well as the creation of better conditions for the educational system. For example, some subjects will be taught to students in English - I think this is a progressive system.