Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! Kazakhstan is celebrating Victory Day. Three veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Kyzylorda were awarded with awards marking "75th anniversary of the battle of Moscow". The jubilee awards were presented by the Russian Consul Aleksey Demin. During the war, almost a hundred soldiers from Kyzylorda took part in the battle to protect the Soviet Union capital. Borebai Kolmanov was one of them. The commander of the mortar battalion expressed deep respect to the Red Army soldiers who had been killed on the outskirts of Moscow. WWII veterans Abdiraman Abishev and Kenesbai Kaliyev received anniversary awards as well. The medal for the defense of Moscow was established in Russia last year.



 - We built many fortifications in Moscow outskirts. We fought for the people, for our homeland. The only task was to defeat the enemy.


The WWII veterans were honored in Taraz. The campaign was organized to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory and the 30th anniversary of the veteran movement initiated by the city Council of Veterans. Veterans laid flowers to the memorial of fame. a small concert was organized for them. There are only 68 WWII veterans left in Taraz.



 - Oung people should be honest, just and devoted to their motherland. If they work for the good of the country and show only their best qualities, then the state will prosper and the people will respect them.


A unique exhibition has opened in Astana. The exposition features secret WWII documents and photographs. More than 100 rare exhibits were collected from the state and the Presidential archives. Memos, references, secret telegrams, as well as lists of political emigrants - the entire exhibition is dedicated to the historic event – the Victory Day. School students showed a video and performed songs of the war years for the WWII and home front veterans. The WWII participants also shared their memories of the bloody war.



 - We were ordered to defend the Volokolamsk highway. Panfilov's division was located nearby. There were many soldiers from Almaty. They confronted the German tanks. At that moment, everyone understood that they were going to be killed, many gave their lives to stop the Nazi troops.



 - I was in Dresden and Potsdam. We fought in both cities and won. Then we reached Berlin.



 - There are very unique documents dating back to 1945, newspaper Akmolinskaya Pravda, as well as personal documents, documents of homefront veterans Ekaterina Akanova, Dossayev, Dautov, as well as houseware of the war years.