80-megawatt transformer assembled in Kazakhstan

80-megawatt transformer assembled in Kazakhstan

80-megawatt transformer has been assembled in Kazakhstan. As specialists say, it can provide electricity to ten districts of Almaty region. Kentau plant’s product is in high demand across Kazakhstan. Transformers will be exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. These transformers will generate power for Expo 2017 exhibition complex.


- It is very hard to assemble a transformer in such short period of time, but we can do it. We are experienced enough. We have already made four transformers for Expo exhibition complex in Astana and some other cities across Kazakhstan. 

In Expo town, the lighting of the Kazakh pavilion has been set up in a test mode. 126,000 LED light bulbs illuminate the façade of the sphere-shaped building. 16 spotlights will soon be installed on the roof. They will illuminate the night sky above the dome of the building. Patterns, ornaments, and inscriptions, which will decorate the facade of the building, will be lit up in different colors. The main ones correspond to the exhibition’s tricolor: green, blue and red. A special panel controls all the LED bulbs system. Installation work is still under way. Builders promise to launch lighting by May 1st.


- It is covering the complete façade surface of the sphere and totally we have 126,000 pieces of LEDs we are putting and hiding. Right now the installation is continuing, as we are saying the test regime is continuing. So, it is going to be a show. They are planning to finalize till the end of this month.


- The sphere diameter is 80 meters, the height is 96 meters, and there are 8 floors. The national pavilion demonstrating our customs, culture and history will be located on the first floor. Thematic pavilion will be located upstairs, where visitors will be able to learn about new alternative energy sources.