Expo 2017 promises to be bright and eventfull, according to organizers

Expo 2017 promises to be bright and eventfull, according to organizers

Expo 2017 promises to be bright and eventfull, according to organizers. Along with Kazakh artists, foreign celebrities will perform in Astana as well. In June, Expo visitors will be able to enjoy ‘Abai’ opera by Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Khamedi. The legendary La Scala Theatre will perform in Astana Opera in September. Mariinsky Theatre is expected to perform in the same month. A  number of festivals and contests will be held during Expo. They are Turkvision, opera singers’ contest Operalia Placido Domingo, The Spirit of Tengri, Eurasia film festival and many other. Historical artifacts from around the globe will be brought in Kazakhstan’s National Museum. The Hermitage will display a weapons collection, the Museum of Islamic Art will bring the exhibition "Sultan Beibars and his era", and China will bring the exhibition "Terracotta Army of the Emperor Qin Shihuandi." More than 700 events are planned to be held in Astana.

Dimash Kudaibergen will perform in Astana Arena. The famous artist Lara Fabian will participate in the concert as well. Their concert is scheduled for June 27.  


- Dimash is a phenomenon, I would say. Chinese audience adores him. Dimash showed the image of a Kazakh singer and now Kazakhstan has become really popular, it will attract many tourists and investors from China.

Cirque du Soleil will present an exclusive show at Expo 2017. The circus troupe will organize 72 performances during the international exhibition. Acrobats from Australia, France, America, Canada, and South America will participate in the show. According to the director's idea, the circus show’s plot will reflect the Kazakh culture and history which will be intertwined with the Expo theme. According to the organizers, all visitors will be able to see the performance. There will be affordable ticket prices.


- It’s a rectangular venue with big frontal seats, so we have the stage in front of all the seats, approximately 2,000 seats. It will be quite large so the Cirque Du Soleil will be open during the day and at night.

Along with cultural events, Astana will host 14 large sports competitions. The detailed information is on the website expo2017culture.kz.