Tourism industry is actively developing in Kazakhstan

Tourism industry is actively developing in Kazakhstan

Tourism industry is actively developing in Kazakhstan thereby replenishing the state budget. Craftsmen intend to occupy a niche in tourism industry as well. They make Kazakh national souvenirs that reflect nomadic style and are in demand among foreign tourists.


I am from northern France and I came in Kazakhstan for studies. I study in ENU, Eurasian National University and I came here.

Shield, sword, spear, ax and mace: a prototype of the combat equipment Kazakh soldiers used in the battlefield. Craftsman Askhat Bozymbai has been making these armor prototypes for more than a month. His small workshop is the place where Kazakh history revives.


The technology of making kalkan shield has its own subtleties. First the metal is prepared and reinforced with natural leather. Then the half-ready shield is decorated and braided with colored threads.

The craftsman says that their business has become a family craft. His wife Gaukhar tailors headwear and accessories for national costumes. Their sons are acquiring crafting skills from the parents as well. The works of the craftsmen family have been displayed in exhibitions in Europe, China and Russia and even replenished collections of American celebrities. Famous Roy Jones Jr. was presented a Kazakh national hat, actor Steven Seagal took an archer bow from Kazakhstan. Singer Akon received kamcha (Kazakh whip).


Each item reflected certain information about its owner. For example, headgear was indicative about the age and social status. Armor and kamcha hanged in front of the door carried information about the head of the family.

Kazakh tour operators are preparing special offers for foreign visitors. Expo visitors will be able to plunge into the historical past of nomadic tribes. In Zhualy district in Zhambyl region, tourists will be able to see national ware and ancient style settlement with yurts ‘Koksai’. The resort will be located at an altitude of 2,300 meters and will be open throughout the year. The cost of the unique project is 935 million tenge.

BALAGUL MAKHATOVA, DIRECTOR, BAITEREK TRAVEL CENTER  It is going to be a huge complex consisting of a caravanserai with 100 rooms. There will be 21 yurts. Shanyrak and doors will be made of glass. The building is being designed now.