Kazakhstan is attractive for foreign investors

Kazakhstan is attractive for foreign investors

Kazakhstan is one of the most dynamically developing countries in Central Asia. According to economist, associate professor of Vesalius College Munira Aminova, Kazakhstan is ahead of many other Central Asian countries in terms of development pace. According to her, it is due to not only rich natural resources, like oil and gas, but also favorable doing business conditions and a stable political situation. Kazakhstan’s dynamic development has attracted the largest trading partners and investors.



- At this stage the GDP per capita of Kazakhstan is 10 times higher than office neighboring countries. Naturally, science, innovation, research gravitates towards Kazakhstan for the last decade because of investments in this areas. 01:06:05:00 // 01:06:10:00 The biggest investment partners, as private businesses, China is one of the biggest trade partners of Central Asia generally. The future of the EU and Kazakhstan relations would primarily, in my view, would be on the energy security because there are a lot of initiatives by Kazakhstan to diversify the energy resources. They are moving to green renewable energy resources.


The expert noted that Kazakhstan’s non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council can significantly contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the region. She also said that Kazakhstan might play an important role in the promotion of global initiative on nuclear non-proliferation.



- Historically speaking, for Kazakhstan it’s an important topic because during Soviet times they had a huge nuclear testing plants and big nuclear arsenal. Very soon they decided to get rid of the entire nuclear weaponry. The President has published a book called ‘Manifesto: the world in 21st century’ where he calls the world to free it from the war and form nuclear weaponry and they are quite passionate in this mission. Also, their position in the UN Security Council, they would try to work on this area of nuclear security worldwide. 


Kazakhstan is an active peacemaker in the international arena. It was proved at the Astana Process on the Syrian conflict settlement. The specialist notes, favorable geographical location and international recognition as a peacemaker let Kazakhstan to create a negotiations platform between all interested parties.