EXPO 2017 road show was held in Turkey

EXPO 2017 road show was held in Turkey

EXPO 2017 road show was held in Turkey. Representatives of the national company, the organizers of the expo promoting road show have visited dozens of European and Asian countries and held dozens of negotiations. In Istanbul, they told about the upcoming exhibition and invited Turkish citizens to see advanced technologies and the best know-hows.



- As we told, 15% of Expo visitors will arrive from abroad, including European countries. We are also expecting visitors from Turkey, China, Russia and Asian countries. In general, we are expecting a certain number of tourists to come from abroad and that is why we have organized the road show.


A number of leading Turkish tour operators expressed interest in the large-scale event. Their representatives said the Expo will give new impetus to tourism development in their region.



- Turkish tourists mainly visit southern Kazakhstan and Samarkand. However, not only Southern Kazakhstan is worth to see. There are many other beautiful places that can attract tourists. Certainly, the international exposition triggers desire to visit Kazakhstan. We are ready to offer our clients Expo tours because we are confident that the event will be held successfully.


According to the company’s director, Kazakhstan and Turkey have created favorable tourism development conditions, such as visa free entry and regular flights, which make it more possible to visit the specialized exposition in Astana. The Chinese are willing to visit the exhibition as well. Zhang Xin, General Manager of the Chinese energy company, says that the most advanced technologies will be displayed at the exhibition. For instance, his company will present the technology of obtaining three types of energy of the future.



- Astana EXPO 2017 will help to enrich the society with new and useful developments. We want to present three new developments. The first is wind generation technology. The second is the technology of turning clay into an energy source. The third is air purification technology. The international exhibition Astana EXPO is a good opportunity for us to form a new image of the company.


115 countries and 20 international organizations have confirmed their participation in Astana Expo 2017.