World Scholar's Cup was held in Kazakhstan

World Scholar's Cup was held in Kazakhstan

World Scholar's Cup was held in Kazakhstan. It brought together more than 300 school students over 10 years old from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The competition is held annually in 100 cities across the globe, such as Los Angeles, Moscow, Prague, Istanbul, Tokyo and Frankfurt. The World Scholar’s Cup was held in Astana for the third time. School students demonstrated their knowledge in such subjects as history, science, music and art. There were a debate contest, writing contest and a quiz. 



- The main purpose is to let our school students to acquire new knowledge and skills within the modernization of education and English language acquisition. The competition winners will have a chance to qualify for the final tournament, which will be held in June at three locations - Hanoi in Vietnam, Cape Town in South Africa and Athens in Greece.



- It’s my third participation in this competition. I like the format it is held in. Last year, I won in individual and in group competitions. The tasks were tricky because we had to analyze the given information and utilize all our knowledge to find a solution for certain global-scale problem.


According to organizers, the number of participants is increasing every year, together with students’ knowledge. Kazakh school students achieved good results this year.