Expo 2017 Ticket sales are launched in Russia

Expo 2017 Ticket sales are launched in Russia

Expo 2017 Ticket sales are launched in Russia. The first official ticket offices opened in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In total, there will be 14 ticket offices in Moscow. The robot promo bot helps the cashiers to tell about EXPO-2017.


The first customer is Moscow resident Rita Kuizheva. She has never been to Kazakhstan. The exhibition is an excellent chance to visit Astana.



- Many companies will be represented at the exhibition. There will be modern technologies, the latest innovations in the sphere of ecology and economy. If you look at the booklet, you can see that the Expo town is built in the futurism style, there is a sphere at the center. I think it is good scenery for filmmaking. I'm interested in everything new and modern that the world can offer. It gives new ideas for my future work.


Russia residents can also buy Expo tickets in offline mode in other Russian cities. There are about seven of them at present. In total, according to the latest data, about 670,000 tickets have been already sold. 13% of them have been bought by foreigners.



- We opened ticket offices 7 cities across Russia - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. We plan to open ticket offices in other countries. This issue is under consideration now. But at the same time I want to note that tickets are sold through our official website and there are absolutely no restrictions for any country.


The residents of Kazakhstan’s regions can also buy tickets for Expo 2017. Sales points are open in all regional centers across Kazakhstan. The first official ticket office is already operating in Akmola region. It will be selling tickets every day until September. There is also a system of benefits. The region is currently actively preparing for the international exhibition. 100 volunteers are taking training and the best guides are being selected. There are about 300 recreation facilities in the region, 100 of them are ready to welcome numerous visitors. Burabay resort is among the offers of the leading tour operators in Almaty and Astana.



- Now we have prepared 7 main tour packages, which include 30 best tourist destinations. In addition, more than 30 guides with foreign language skills have been trained.


Ticket offices will open in other countries in April. They will work until September 10 when the exhibition ends. Organizers stress, early purchase of tickets will allow tourists to avoid large queues. More than 2 million people are expected to visit the exhibition in 3 months. A unique cultural and entertainment program has been prepared for the visitors. All show projects are exclusive: they are created specifically for Expo 2017.