The British were delighted to taste dishes of the Kazakh cuisine. Having visited Kazakhstan, they once and for all gave their preferences to the Kazakh traditional food. They loved the Kazakh cuisine so much that learned how to prepare meals on their own. Their home menu consists of Kazakh-style meat, bauyrsak and nauryz-kozhe. For example, Jill Braun is the daughter-in-law of the descendants of the British travelers Thomas and Lucy Atkinson. They are known to have been the first Europeans to explore Kazakhstan in the 19th century. Their children also visited Kazakhstan.



- I think that Kazakhstan food is very simple, but ut us very tasty, you don’t think it is going to be tasty as it is.


After an unforgettable trip to Kazakhstan, the British gathered friends and relatives and told them about the country of the Great Steppe: about its culture and traditions. The presentation raised fantastic enthusiasm and gastronomic interest among the British. They had never tasted horse meat before and liked kazy very much.


After the meal, the British again surprised the guests. The oldest man and one of the chefs gave bata - a blessing in the Kazakh language.


Now the British plan not only to cook the Kazakh dishes, but also install a yurt, and organize traditional games. They were so much inspired with the traditions of the Kazakhs that at the end of the evening they gave everyone sarkyt, a treat that guests usually take with them after a festive dastarkhan.