Interactive mobile pavilion ‘Expo- Caravan’ arrived in Rome

Interactive mobile pavilion ‘Expo- Caravan’ arrived in Rome

The entire world is talking about the international exposition to be held in Astana. Presentations of Expo 2017 are being held in different continents and countries, including Italy. Interactive mobile pavilion ‘Expo- Caravan’ arrived in Rome. The road show was organized by the National Company ‘Astana Expo 2017’ and Kazakhstan’s Embassy. Traveling from city to city, the crew is telling tour operators and potential visitors about future energy, new generation technologies that will be presented at Expo 2017 in Astana.



- Inside we have a very practical terminal where you can buy online tickets. You can also book hotels. A smartphone is connected to the Internet. You can also get information about two packages, which are organized by the Expo, because Kazakhstan has much more to offer than only the Expo 2017.


Organizers tried to use the newest technologies to attract visitors to the EXPO in Astana. They demonstrated a 3D printer, wind power chargers and virtual reality headsets that let the visitors to see Kazakhstan.


- When one of the main oil producers talks about future energy, you begin to understand how important it is to swap hydrocarbons for alternative energy sources.


- The EXPO flag was handed over to Kazakhstan in Milan, isn’t it? We know this because we were at Milan EXPO and saw your pavilion, one of the best at the exhibition.


- We will visit if we are lucky enough.


Expo-Caravan arrived in Italy from Spain. It has already been to Milan, where thousands of people visited the pavilion. The caravan will travel across ten European capital cities. The road show travelled 3,000 kilometers from Rome to Baku. Baku road show was called "Travel along the Great Silk Road together with Astana Expo-2017".



- We thought why don’t attract 50,000 tourists from Azerbaijan. This is the first presentation. There will be a B2B meeting where entrepreneurs will discuss cooperation opportunities and implementation of a number of business models. That is, Azerbaijan tour operators can both send and receive tourists.


Kazakhstan’s airline is actively participating in the project. They are planning to cut ticket prices and open new flights to attract more tourists.



- In fact, tourists from Azerbaijan can visit Astana before the beginning of the Expo. Regular flights will be open during the summer period. Additional flights to Almaty are available three times a week. Monday flights Baku-Almaty will be launched starting from June 5.


It is planned to organize an info tour to Astana in the end of April, so that tour operators could see the Expo preparation process. Azerbaijani tour operators are expressing their interest.



- Such presentations increase tourist flow to Kazakhstan from Azerbaijan or elsewhere. As we saw in the videos, Kazakhstan is developing in all spheres and this attracts the attention of those who are planning to visit the country. Our company also intends to sign agreements with new agencies, offering special tours and cheap flights. We believe that these proposals will be a good opportunity for tourists to visit the Expo 2017 in Astana.


115 countries and 20 international organizations will participate in the Expo. The specialized exposition will feature nearly 3,000 cultural events. The exhibitors are still not disclosing any information on what sort of innovations they will show, but organizers believe that Astana Expo 2017 will introduce technologies that will change the future.