Astana ballet prepares bright premiere

Astana ballet prepares bright premiere

New and ambitious theater Astana Ballet is preparing another breathtaking premiere. On March 17 and 18, the ballet troupe is to stage a new play Walpurgis Night directed by the famous Russian choreographer Georgy Kovtun. He directed more than three hundred opera and ballet performances around the world. For Kazakhstan citizens, the famous choreographer prepared a one-act ballet, in which the characters of the myths of ancient Greece will come to life. The director says the dancers’ professionalism and the excellent technical equipment of the new theater helped him to make a good production.


This theater is really good for staging any kind of performances. I think after this performance, a lot of new stories I brought with myself will associate with the theatre as well. We are approaching to the level of Du Soleil, so that spectators sitting in the hall could not take their eyes off the scene, that's when the action keeps the person and art happens.

Walpurgis Night is a new version of the famous ballet performed in the best traditions of classical dance with hints of Art Nouveau. Unusual and sophisticated costumes made from various fabrics play the major role in staging. Complex makeup and wigs and masks add a special atmospheric to the performance, which involves 30 ballet dancers of the Astana ballet theatre.


We learnt new techniques and a new presentation during production, I am grateful for this opportunity provided by Russian choreographers. This particular version erases all frames, features unusual air dances, and a sense of freedom.

The premiere of the Walpurgis Night promises to become one of the memorable events in the cultural life of Astana. Metropolitan spectators will enjoy the outstanding choreography, which will certainly win their hearts with expressive musical language, colorful scenography and spectacular plasticity.