Kazakh cuisine presented in U.S. Congress

Kazakh cuisine presented in U.S. Congress

The Library of Congress’s Cooking Club presented Kazakh dishes. Kazakh cuisine is familiar for both the teacher of history at the University of Maryland Sarah Cameron and IREX Senior Program Officer Stanley Courier who have lived in Kazakhstan for several years. They spoke about the peculiarities of the Kazakh cuisine, noting the influence of a multinational culture. Sarah and Stanley stressed that one can taste Kazakh meat, Russian borsch, Korean salads and Uzbek pilaf at the hospitable and generous dastarkhan (table) in every Kazakh family. The presentation table had Uzbek pilaf, baursaks (Kazakh puffy bread) and salads that are popular in Kazakhstan. They also treated the overseas audience with Kazakh sweets: dried apricots and world famous Kazakhstani chocolate.


We were interested in different cultures not just what’s cooked here in the United States. So when it became possible to have two speakers to talk about Kazakhstan I thought it would be wonderful with most people do not know where Kazakhstan is. So we were very glad to hear that because the two speakers gave us a very good view of the country and hospitality of the people.


Hello! My name is Stanley Courier. I have worked and lived in Kazakhstan for more than 10 years and today we were invited in the U.S. Congress Library to speak about the Kazakh cuisine. It was very pleasant to see that the presentation was attended by more than 50 people. Me and my colleague Sarah Cameron from the University of Maryland answered many questions about Kazakhstan. We told not merely about food but also about the hospitality of the Kazakh people. We were also happy to see that everyone liked the presentation.