Mangistau region hosted golden eagle hunting competitions

Mangistau region hosted golden eagle hunting competitions

Kazakh people’s customs and traditions had been formed over the centuries and had absorbed wisdom of generations. At present, young people are still following them. Mangistau region hosted golden eagle hunting competitions for the first time. It brought together participants from 8 regions. Mereke Otegaluli is an experienced hunter. He says that the training of hunting birds requires certain skills and great patience.


It is very hard to train a golden eagle. It treats you as an equal. Therefore, you must not act like you are superior. You need to respect an eagle. Then it will treat you the same and will perform well. This is the ancient craft. It should be revived for further generations.

On the first stage, the hunters take off a protective cap from eagles’ heads and let them fly from the top of the hill. A golden eagle flies over the hill and comes back to its owner waiting on horseback at the foot of a hill. The next stage is more complicated. The bird should catch a prey.


The participants gain points at each stage and the best hunter is selected by the maximum number of points.

The competition’s most exciting stage is hunting for a hare, a fox or a wolf. The golden eagle tracks the prey from the height, quickly snatches it and keeps it in its claws. This is how a winner of the tournament is identified. Such competitions always involve the exchange of experience and the opportunity to teach younger generation Kazakh national hunting. After all, it is an integral part of Kazakh history and culture.