Kazakhstan exports locomotives to Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan exports locomotives to Azerbaijan

Kazakh locomotive manufacturers are entering the international markets of railway engineering. The regular batch of domestic products was delivered to Azerbaijan. Modern diesel locomotives of the fifth generation of the Evolution series differ from their predecessors in their technological characteristics. Kazakhstan diesel locomotives are already successfully operated on the railways of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. Thus, Kazakhstan’s locomotive assembly enterprise managed to increase its exports capacities. 10 new Kazakhstani locomotives are already running along Azerbaijan railways.


TE33A locomotives meet the modern requirements. In addition, these locomotives are more efficient by 30-35%. In the locomotive cabins there are all the necessary conveniences for the drivers - a refrigerator, an air-conditioning system. A special system, which monitors traffic safety, has also been installed.

The locomotives’ operating system is controlled by the on-board computer. The engine capacity of 4,600 horsepower makes locomotives more endurable.


 In fact, they are very unique locomotives. On the zero section, they can pull trains weighing up to 5,500 tons. The locomotive is equipped with a security system that fully controls the actions of a driver, does not exceed the permissible speed. All data is checked by the on-board computer. These locomotives have a fire-extinguishing system. In case of fire, the system will respond automatically. By the on-board computer, the driver can monitor speed, temperature of oil, water, traction potential.

According to experts of Azerbaijani railways, depending on the increase in cargo traffic along the route North-South, the country can purchase additional diesel locomotives in Kazakhstan. There is also an agreement within which Azerbaijan is going to purchase electric locomotives from Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, the Kazakh enterprise is actively working to expand the sales market. This is facilitated by the introduction of the world’s best practices for the production of competitive locomotives.