Two gold processing factories are being built in Akmola region

Two gold processing factories are being built in Akmola region

Two gold processing factories are being built in Akmola region. The capacity of each factory is more than 2 million tons of ore, which will provide production of up to 1.5 tons of Dore alloy per year. This production is intended for deep processing. The construction of the enterprise at Bestobe mine is planned to be completed in September-October this year, and Aksuisk mine is scheduled to be commissioned in the second half of the year. The volume of investments for two factories totals $63 million and each is expected to provide 100 new jobs.


The launch of this skip complex allows increasing the output of mining mass in the amount of 550,000 tons per year. In 2017, in the branch of Bestobe mine it is planned to produce 280,000 tons of rock mass.

The miners make hard work to reach the precious deposit. They have to blow up the rock, and then pour it into the ore pass. From there, the gold-bearing concentrate will start its trip through two four poods skip lifts to the concentrating mill. Nearly 1,500 miners are responsible for 2 mines in Bestobe - Western and Central mines.


The average gold content is 4.85 grams per ton. We expect to have ready products of 1.4 tons. This year it is planned to launch a new processing plant for the processing of man-made mineral formations, that is, tailings of the factory, the total cost of the project is $30 million or 10 billion tenge. We expect to receive 5.6 tons of gold.

In total, the leadership of the gold mining enterprise plans to invest about 66 billion tenge in the development of production. Also, new jobs will be opened. Such projects, experts say, have a positive impact on the entire economy of the region.