Amateur theater stages Broadway play

Amateur theater stages Broadway play

Kazakh amateur theater has presented a famous comedy play by Christopher Durang “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”. The comedy features audacious dialogues, subtle humor, an unusual plot and familiar characters. There are no special effects, complex decorations, exuberant costumes. Only actor’s brilliant play made the audience laugh heartily. The plot reveals a witty comedy about a strange family whose members continually remind of the classical characters from Chekhov’s works The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull and The Three Sisters. The author shows human weaknesses, which can be laughed at, demonstrating life, such as it is.


In fact, I call this performance as cabbage. Let this sound prosaic, but it is incredibly multilayered, this is the tenth performance. Because each time it is absolutely different, and we find the center in absolutely different places, we interpret it in a new way. This is the most difficult performance in the theater.

Unlike the rest, the theater “Attraktsion” was founded in 2011. It has an unusual approach to performances, an original vision of the plot and a young cast. The theater repertoire includes musicals, dramatic and comedic arrangements.


We do not have a permanent troupe, as people are used to work in theaters. We have such a playhouse format, that is, actors are recruited for a certain performance, and they play in it. If they want to try themselves in another performance, they should pass the auditions.

In addition to performances in Astana, the actors’ troupe of “Attraktsion” presents its original productions of theater-goers across Kazakhstan. And in the nearest future, the theater actors plan to tour abroad.