The volume of industrial production is growing in North Kazakhstan region

The volume of industrial production is growing in North Kazakhstan region

The volume of industrial production is growing in North Kazakhstan region. In many respects due to the launched industrial-innovative projects. This plant is the leading one in the northern Kazakhstan, which manufactures 280 products of consumer goods. The main area of production is plastic products, moreover, from recyclables. Last year the volume of production exceeded 2,5 billion tenge. The plant supplies its products to almost across Kazakhstan as well as increases export capacities, delivering goods to Russia’s border regions. In addition, this year the company plans to expand both its production facilities and the sales market, primarily by launching new conveyors. In particular, now the equipment for production of instant noodles is being adjusted in the workshop, and the neighboring complex launched production of dry breakfasts and sweet corn.


The Kazakh President set a new task - the third modernization for domestic entrepreneurs. At the first stage of modernization, the initial capital was accumulated. At the second stage of modernization these enterprises entered the neighboring markets, increasing own volumes. Now the Kazakh President sets a completely new task for these domestic enterprises to reach a more technological, modern, competitive level and enter the global market.

This production complex significantly expanded the range of products due to the industrial and innovative development program. The enterprise has already reached the targeted capacity.


Now we produce up to 50 items of different products, which are in demand. Presently, we compete with the world’s leading manufacturers. In order to be demandable in the market, it is necessary to be ahead of the whole planet. The President is right that innovations have to be developed, modernization have to take place in production.

The carriage works is also in the list of projects of the industrial-innovative program of the northern Kazakhstan. In total in a year, the volume of production has grown at once tenfold from 1 to 10 billion tenge. At a meeting with the enterprise’s staff, the first deputy chairman of Nur Otan Party stressed that the revival of the industrial sector is one of the key aspects of the Third modernization announced by the President. At the same time, Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed emphasized, today it is necessary to pay close attention to the introduction of advanced technologies. In the northern Kazakhstan, such technologies are used not only in large industrial enterprises, but also in the agrarian sector. In this case the local company succeeded to set up the production of flour, pasta, ravioli and confectionery products using the Italian technology.


We purchase grain, flour, bran, semolina in Kazakhstan. In addition, we work with our Russian partners in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, we are entering the markets of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The first deputy chairman of Nur Otan party stressed that it is entrepreneurs who must become the main driving force of the third modernization, consequently, driving force of the economic growth across Kazakhstan.