Constitutional reform will contribute to Kazakhstan’s further development

Constitutional reform will contribute to Kazakhstan’s further development

Constitutional reform will contribute to Kazakhstan’s further development. Bundestag member Axel Fischer shared his views on the proposed amendments of the redistribution of powers between branches of government.


I consider that the initiative of the redistribution of powers is a step in the right direction. When these reforms become effective, indeed, this will strengthen the Parliament. This will help the MPs take more initiative, and I believe this is correct. I think that as a result it will increase the welfare of the people, as for the last 25 years Kazakhstan has achieved a lot of progress. Now there are new challenges. I want to stress that from European side we are ready to share our experience.

The constitutional reforms were realized in Belgium as well. This is a good way to meet the needs of citizens amid a rapidly changing world, according to the director general of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Wallonia Agency for export promotion and foreign investments attraction Chantal De Bleu.


In the new reforms that you setting up in your country and that have been announced by the President is also the economic developments, and there are again, you see that there are similarities with what we do in all region in Wallonia, Wallonia region of Belgium, where we have set up a complete plan of economic redeployment some ten years ago. Now with different areas where we concentrated the efforts of all political and economic development areas, and this is agro food, mechanical industry.

An expert from China shared his opinion about the constitutional reform proposed by the Kazakh President. According to Sun Zhuangzhi, it is a part of a strategic plan for Kazakhstan’s development. In addition, the expert emphasizes, Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiative on redistribution of powers is a timely measure.


President Nazarbayev has long been talking about upcoming reforms in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the work to date, the country confidently enters the next stage of development. Transition to the presidential-parliamentary form of government will take place in accordance with current state of the country; therefore stability will remain in the country.