Modernized offers tools to learn Kazakh

Modernized offers tools to learn Kazakh

Free online application with 1.5 million users allows people in Kazakhstan and abroad to learn Kazakh. The portal was launched 3 years ago. It has recently been modernized.  Its design has been updated and new sections have been added. Kazakh proverbs, words of the day and well-known Kazakh works are available on the website. The website’s English version will be available soon for international users. The state language development fund head told about some other developments aimed at promoting Kazakh.


By the end of the year, we plan to present a new online portal, where the program will assist users to process and write business documents in Kazakh. Before the Expo, we’re planning to develop a mobile app Zheti Kazyna, which will provide information on the history, culture, science, traditions of Kazakhstan.

People in Turkey show great interest in the history of the Kazakhs. Istanbul is hosting a fourth International Book Fair. This year, 300 publishing houses from 19 countries are participating in the event.  Among the books, there are Halife Altay and Karaly Kosh, published in the Turkish language under the guidance of the Kazakh Diaspora.


The book was published to mark the 100th anniversary of Halife Altay. I am very pleased that his name will sound across the world. The book describes the history of the nomad Kazakh people in Turkey. This great man was not just a scientist. His life was an amazing journey. After reading the book, a reader will get acquainted not only with Altay’s activities, but also know closer the history of Kazakhstan, Kazakhs.

Kazakh folk traditions raise interest among the people of Dubai. The event featuring Kazakh cuisine and people dressed in the Kazakh costumes was held there. The Arabs held this event as part of the international exhibition Fashunity 2017. Fair’s guests were presented the traditions and culture of about 20 countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other states. Kazakhstan’s pavilion was organized by the activists from the community “Kazakhs in the Emirates”, with the support of Kazakhstan’s Consulate General in Dubai. The exhibition was initiated by Mohammed Al Rashid Islamic Center of Culture.