Almaty region breeders are finding new ways of exporting livestock

Almaty region breeders are finding new ways of exporting livestock

Almaty region breeders are finding new ways of exporting livestock. There are about a dozen livestock farms in Sarkand district only. All of them are mainly engaged in cattle breeding of elite breeds. The number of stock of Kazakh white sheep is over 300 at Kairat Bershimbekov’s farm. The annual litter and good breeding qualities have allowed the farmer to expand. He has built a feedlots for 120 heads of cattle.


We are constantly working on breeding. To improve the quality of livestock, we bought new bulls and sell our bull-calves to neighboring farms. We work as reproducers. It is now possible to fatten them young. Soon we will introduce a slaughterhouse into operation.

Maketov’s family sets another example of successful farming.  The main goal for the farmers is to increase meat sales and supply the products not only to domestic but also foreign markets. Moreover, the famers are planning to build partnerships for exports without intermediaries.


China is a very interesting market for us. Our products are organic, we do not add chemicals. The only problem is in the intermediaries, so we would like to export ourselves.


Now, we are developing a comprehensive plan for increasing meat sales and exports. A slaughterhouse will be launched soon; inspection of meat will be carried out here as well. We’re planning to conclude agreements with big companies and factories for direct supply of raw materials.

This year, more than 10 large-scale fattening complexes for almost 6 thousand heads of cattle will be put into operation in the Almaty region. In addition, three meat processing plants will start operation this year. This means increase export opportunities in the region, the farmers believe.