Kazakh scientists have presented a unique development

Kazakh scientists have presented a unique development

Kazakh scientists have presented a unique development. Kyzylorda researchers have proposed ways of deep processing of toxic waste oil. The innovative project, in their opinion, will prevent contamination of the environment and allow a rational use of available resources. Nurbol Appazov turns toxic acid into useful propylene in a laboratory. The scientist was able to get them out of conventional gasoline and diesel. Development of the project took him almost a year. According to the chemist, elements, obtained in the laboratory have a large range of applications. They can be used as mosquito repellers  and as preservatives in the food industry.


We have applied for a patent. In addition, we’re planning to take part in competition of grant funding, with the support of the science committee. We hope to win. It will allow us to introduce the development in production.

Nazgul Satbaeva is working to solve the problem of waste disposal. The invention allows young scientists to convert the polymer and plastic debris into multifunctional materials.


Now here is an epoxidation process. It occurs at a temperature of 75 to 95 degrees. Duration is 4 hours. As a result, we obtain an epoxy resin, which is widely used in everyday life. The product is the main component of various glues and varnish materials. They can be used for the vulcanization of rubber and coating of the furniture surfaces.

These are not the only success stories of the Kazakh scientists. In recent years, the specialists of physical and chemical engineering laboratory have developed dozens of unique projects that will contribute to the industrial and innovative development of the country.