Constitutional reform in Kazakhstan

Constitutional reform in Kazakhstan

Constitutional reform in Kazakhstan will give impetus to the modernization of the public administration system, the experts said during the public discussions on the redistribution of powers between government branches, voiced by the Kazakh President. According to experts, such a reform is an objective and natural process. Changes fully comply with international standards and will help to adapt to modern conditions. Especially during the years of independence, new economy and the structure of society have been formed in the country.


During 25 years of independence, if we compare with 90-ies and present, Kazakhstan has passed a certain stage of development, both political and economic. Therefore, the president raised this issue. Implementation of projects, programs and budget in fact relate to the Parliament’s work.

According to the Mazhilis member Maulen Ashimbayev, after amendments are made to the Constitution, the certain amendments to the law will be adopted. Therefore it is very important to involve the public in discussions so that to form the final version. The MP stressed that the reform will allow the public to participate directly in the Parliament formation and through it, indirectly, the Government formation.


Population forms the legislative and the executive branch of power. In the future, the government will implement that program, which the population voted for. The Government is accountable to the Parliament, and the Parliament is accountable to the people. Thus, the circle closed. This system must ensure the power of the people. In accordance with the Constitution the only source of power is the people of Kazakhstan.

Nationwide Movement Kazakhstan-2050 held a public debate across the country. The association’s specialists noted that the population actively participated in such meetings.


The population is becoming more open, more democratic and more receptive to these reforms in a good way. I think our task now, as the movement, is to raise awareness on these reforms among the people. First, the parties’ approach to the formation of their lists, the approach to the formation of own work, the qualitative composition will change.

According to experts, the Constitutional reform involves building a flexible and effective system of political and legal institutions. At the same time, an improved system of public administration will strengthen the positions of the national economy and bring Kazakhstan closer to the goal of entering the top 30 developed countries.