Development of science in Kazakhstan

Development of science in Kazakhstan

Science will help boost the economy. Rapid modernization and high-tech production will help list the country among the top leading economies. Already now domestic science demonstrates sustainable development. The branch receives support from the state. In the past three years 100 billion tenge was allocated for science funding. The next stage is to attract private investments and introduce own developments to production.


At present, the role of science is great, because production and other areas are connected with scientific researches. Funding of research centers is the task of not only the state but also the task of every university. With this aim, participation of the Public Private Partnership is essential.

However, there are some examples of attracting private capital in the scientific sector. For instance, last year, the developers of 31 scientific projects received grants. Their implementation will require about 6 billion tenge, entrepreneurs are willing to allocate another 400 million tenge.


We have addressed to all business associations in our country, there are about 30 of them. They will tell what production areas are required to be improved with the help of science and we already receive such proposals. Especially, the Association of Mechanical Engineering made attractive suggestions. They proposed 31 directions, which they would like to cooperate in and conduct scientific studies.

Scientific articles should be published in English. They should be included in the international databases. It will promote development of relations between the international scientific community and the Expo world fair, which will be held in Astana this year. Moreover, later, international IT-technology Park will be created on the basis of one of the facilities of the exhibition. It will become a platform for attracting investors from across the world. Meanwhile, scientists will not have to create additional laboratories for new researches and developments. Infrastructure can be adopted from universities, research institutes and large enterprises. Foreign advanced technologies will be adapted to the domestic conditions. The foreign experts agree with this.


Those countries that have managed to breakthrough in innovation have created such an innovative system, where 80% is provided by the business and 20% by the state. But we have entirely different system. Formation of innovative system is a challenge for us. It should be developed. There is no scheme for all countries to work within a single system of innovation.

Enhancing the quality of projects’ examination is another measure that will help in the development of the domestic scientific sector. In addition, the President proposed the establishment of the collegial body on ethics on the basis of the Academy of Sciences, which would establish a code of scientist or code on publications ethics. The President also instructed the Ministry of Education and Science to establish additional grants to the best domestic researchers. They will be able to undergo internship at the world-class research centers. At the same time, young scientists from Central Asian countries may be involved in researches in Kazakhstan.