Kazakhstan boosts film industry

Kazakhstan boosts film industry

Kazakh film industry reaches a new level. This is evidenced by foreign critics and viewers’ high recognition of the domestic film and animation production. For example, the cartoon by Shymkent animators “Kazakh Eli” won the main prize at the 10th International Forum in Cairo. It was recognized as the best animated feature film among 90 works presented by authors from 50 countries. The film that tells about the formation of the Kazakh Khanate also received two more nominations – “The Best Music” and “The Best Directing”. In their film, the authors have shown the story of two national heroes –Kerey and Zhanibek Khans - since childhood. And it is based on real historical events, personalities and battles. During the creation, modern 2D or 3D technologies have been applied. The cartoon “Kazakh Eli” was released in nationwide film distribution in May last year.


A well-known director and artistic adviser of the Cannes Festival Briccio Santos attended the forum. He said that our cartoon is patriotic, and it will be interesting to children of any country. It tells not only the story of the country, but also cultivates patriotism in children.

In addition, there are commercially successful films in Kazakhstan, which are in demand not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market. Panfilov’s Twenty-Eight Guardsmen was leading Kazakhstani and foreign film distribution. Hollywood company Universal has already bought the rights to screen the film. The film was released in Europe and Canada. The top five films of the domestic film distribution also include the fifth film of the epic “The Way of the leader: “So was the alignment of the stars” by the director Sergei Snezhkin and the film by Akan Satayev “The road to a mother”.


We have an opportunity to shoot such large scale films as “Myn Bala”, “Road to a mother”, “Diamond Sword” by my colleague Rustem Abdrashev. These films, of course, require large financial costs, but sometimes it happens that the ideology is priceless. And these movies exactly convey patriotism, love to the country, our history, praising the deeds of our ancestors.

Today, almost every Kazakhstani film was presented at the festivals. Thus, the film “Amanat” about the fate of the outstanding scientist, the first historian of Kazakhstan and Central Asia Ermukhan Bekmakhanov and the film “Kunanbay” about the great Kazakh thinker Abay were presented in the framework of the program “Focus” of the 9th International Film Festival MENAR in Bulgaria. In general, following the order of the Ministry of Culture more than 100 films have been released in the past three years. And presently new premieres are expected in Kazakhstan.