Discussion of the Kazakh president’s address

Discussion of the Kazakh president’s address

The third modernization will ensure the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan, German expert on Central Asia Günter Knabe believes. He noted the importance and timeliness of the President's Address. According to him, Nursultan Nazarbayev very clearly set priorities for 2050. Kazakhstan joined the 30-ku developed countries in the world.


A program proposed by Nursultan Nazarbayev is very important for the economic development of Kazakhstan. President places great emphasis on supporting small and medium-sized businesses. This means that if the sector is strong, especially in the regions, there will be more jobs. Another important point, I think, the digitization of the economy. Kazakhstan under the leadership of Nursultan Nazarbayev will have its thrid modernization to build a modern economy. And it is timely and necessary, since Kazakhstan’s important goal is to join the 30 developed countries of the world. I think you will succeed!

In Latvia, the special interest is pad at Kazakh President instructing the Government to ensure that by 2020 an increase of the annual volume of transit traffic. In Riga believe that the most important tasks of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of transport and logistics is precisely the development of container transport, Rigan authorities believe.


We must make the effort. I understand that if Mr. President announced, so now the whole country will work on this. Growth by seven times - this is a very serious figure. In monetary terms that is 5.5 billion dollars. This huge amount of money, in which we are obliged to participate because there is more transit through Latvia as well. We need to win friends and competitors, including those from the Lithuanians to win these goods, offer the best conditions, so that it would be mutually beneficial. That will be the embodiment of the Kazakh President's address.

The Kazakh president’s address is being carefully by Russian economists. According to experts, the introduction of innovative technologies in all spheres of the economy will allow the country to build a new management model that gives the opportunity to stand on the same level with the leading states of the world.


Delivering a very clear task, and not only the problem, but also identify those entities, those organizations that need to be engaged. The necessary fconditiong for this is the creation of a business environment, creation of the necessary macroeconomic stability, reorientation of the activities of financial institutions to support innovation, education, health care, building human capital. Because in this economy, human capital determines all, education, agility, the ability to rebuild, the ability to live in a virtual environment, where the pace of development is fantastic. The address talsk about the need for early industrialization based on new technologies.

Domestic political analysts as well as foreign experts believe that the Kazakh  President’s address will allow the country to adapt to new realities. According to the experts of Kazakh Institute for Strategic Studies, the priorities, outlined in the address, will create the conditions for stable economic growth. These factors in return will directly affect the welfare of the people.


New model of economic growth will allow to reach a new level of production and first of all to ensure the social welfare of the country. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of agriculture, as the sector shows a steady growth and is necessary to improve the competitiveness of the sector for strengthening the role of cooperatives Thu. It will allow agriculture to give a boost to economic growth.