Astana hosted a presentation of the future Thai Pavilion

Astana hosted a presentation of the future Thai Pavilion

Thailand will present its own development on bioenergy. Astana hosted a presentation of the future Thai Pavilion. According to the authors, the pavilion will be divided into several zones, where guests will be able to get acquainted with the country, and imbued with the main idea - energy recovery with the help of biological resources. The pavilion will combine learning with fun, the Thai delegation says. Thus, the exhibition will be interesting for both children and their parents. Moreover, in one of the rooms the guests will be provided an opportunity to visit an interactive laboratory for energy production and to participate in the processes of energy recovery from biomass. The abundance of vegetation gives Thailand a huge potential in developing renewable energy resources. Moreover, the Kingdom is a pioneer in the field of transformation of agricultural products into power.


I think Thailand is not imaged for innovation and energy but in the reality because we develop our technology by using the way of life in the agriculture it can be turned to be the energy. We keep the way of life of the Thai people but only put the technology to convert it into energy. This is quite a new thing for the world. This means we can produce energy by growing.

The main symbol of the future of the Thai pavilion also fits the theme of bioenergy. The authors chose a stylized image of corn as the official logo, which represents the "power" and "the ability to produce energy." In fact, Phang-Lang is  a reflection of the ideas of the future of energy, implying its extraction from renewable sources with the help of strength and skills.


It is corn that the Thai people use as renewable energy source. As you know seeds can grow continuously. In addition, elements of the maize that are not used for food can be perfectly used in the production. It is this kind of energy that can help build sustainable development on the planet Earth in the future.

Visiting the Thai pavilion in the framework of EXPO-2017 and personally see Thai green economy solutions will be made possible starting from June 10. The country intends to make its pavilion one of the 10 most visited national pavilions of the expo.