Kazakhstan builds investment attractiveness

Kazakhstan builds investment attractiveness

Atyrau is Kazakhstan’s most attractive region for investors. Oil and gas sector attracts the biggest share of investments which make up nearly $10 billion. There are over 400 joint enterprises in the region. One of the largest projects is the construction of the third generation plant in Tengiz field. It is worth $20 billion. Nearly 20,000 new jobs will be created just during the initial stage. The world’s largest oil project Kashagan field has already started commercial oil production. All this creates a strong foundation for the region’s investment attractiveness.


The main goal of our work is the creation of favorable investment conditions. This is possible if we protect investors’ rights, including property rights. I think that this is important.

Astana takes one of the leading positions in terms investment attractiveness. 10 new industrial investment projects were launched in one year. There are nearly 100,000 SMEs that generate almost half of the regional GDP in the capital city. Over 200 projects worth 32 billion tenge were financed last year.

Karganda region authorities are planning to attract 350 billion tenge this year. Over the past year the volume of investments in fixed assets amounted to 315 billion tenge. The fourth part of the funding comes from the manufacturing industry. Investments increased by nearly 32% in the mining sector, by 25% - in agriculture and by 3% - in housing.




Photo: Timeskz.kz