Kazakhstan and Iran are strengthening economic cooperation

Kazakhstan and Iran are strengthening economic cooperation

Kazakhstan and Iran are strengthening economic cooperation. Last year, the two countries have concluded dozens of agreements worth a billion of dollars. This was announced by Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan Mojtaba Damirchilu at a reception dedicated to the National Day of Iran, and the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Iran. According to the diplomat, Kazakhstan and Iran cooperate in mining, agriculture, transport and logistics. Mutually beneficial economic cooperation has a great potential.


Trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Iran grew by 15% and made up $750 million in 2016 and $650 million in 2015. At present we are planning to simplify visa issuance for businessmen and tourists. There are many joint projects between us. We have recently launched a joint venture in logistics and now are planning to enter world market via the sea routes.

Kazakhstan and Iran have established strong cultural ties. The National Museum in Astana hosted an exhibition of Iranian miniatures and shape poetry. The visitors saw the works of the artists Behzad Bozorgi and Mehdi Movahedipur. The exposition presented the traditional and modern Persian paintings. As art critics point out, miniatures fully reflect the artists’ aspiration to perfection and harmony. Combining color and shape, the artists get the perfect geometrical composition.


You can see the last five years’ paintings here. It is nearly 20 paintings. I hope that Kazakh people will learn more about our culture at this exhibition. As part of my visit to Astana, I will also organize a master class for the students of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

The Eastern people believed in a divine origin and power of letters. Therefore, calligraphy has been studied extensively. Frequently, calligraphy was valued more than miniatures painted in manuscripts. One could hardly find an artist’s signature in a manuscript unlike the information about him, date and place of its creation.


I've been studying art since childhood, but have started working in this particular style just 6 years ago. In my works, I apply the mosaic technique, which is used in the design of mosques and the Arabic script. This is my first exhibition in Kazakhstan. I really liked your country and people.

The two people’s cultural ties are traced back many centuries ago and will be developed in the future. Diplomats plan to organize a number of interesting events.