National ornaments on horse harness

National ornaments on horse harness

Kazakh ornaments are very popular now. They adorn both traditional costumes and modern clothes. A craftsman from southern Kazakhstan decorates horse tack with Kazakh national ornaments. He started decorating small pieces of horse harness, Abai Akimbayev says. He learnt this craft from his father and honed the technique of making horse tack for over the 20 years.


I was always holding a hammer and some iron when I was a child. Once I even repaired a bicycle myself. My father taught me everything.

Abay Akimbaev mainly uses homemade tools. According to him, he had mastered the secret of an ancient craft  to the extent that any piece of metal in his hands becomes a masterpiece.


It is our family heritage, traditional craft. So I will never say no to my son, and ask him to do something else. In our family, he is the fourth generation of craftsmen.

The craftsman says, every spring and autumn, the horses are taken for Kokpar competition, where the owners can demonstrate horse harness made from fine leather and silver. Sometimes it takes several weeks to make one.