Exotic fish farming develops in Kazakhstan

Exotic fish farming develops in Kazakhstan

In Arnasai village of Akmola region, tourists and locals are welcomed to attend a workshop on how to use energy- and water-saving technologies. Founded in 2015, the training center is a first platform that demonstrates Kazakhstan’s transition to green economy. The center offers training for entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to know more about stainable energy use. The center has launched an interesting project on aqua farming just a month ago. African catfish is bred in the center under constant monitoring.


It will weigh 1.5 kilograms in 3-4 months in such conditions. 950 catfish were delivered in December, now there are 850, a few of them died.

Scientists say that the exotic fish grown in local conditions will soon appear in stores. The center is also planning to launch agro-tourism. Arnasai Reservoir will be filled with catfish for fishing.


I think if such products appear in Kazakhstan’s market we will be able to preserve the bio diversity of our lakes and rivers. There will be no need to produce tons of fish, it recovers very slowly. We can do aqua farming instead.

Reusing natural resources is fundamental for green economy. In the scientific center, water from bio filters from fish production goes directly to greenhouse beds.  Water rich in phosphorus is an ideal plant fertilizer, farmers say. The tomatoes grow fast here. This is just a small number of projects implemented in the national green technologies academy. The scientific center will conduct workshops for Expo tourists showing Kazakhstan’s transition to green economy.