First International Digital Marketing business forum held in Astana

First International Digital Marketing business forum held in Astana

New instruments for successful business were presented to Kazakh entrepreneurs. Astana hosted the first Digital Marketing Forum oriented at the automation of businesses. Kazakh Association of representatives of business tools and marketing programs was the organizer of the forum. The forum brought together thousands of marketing professionals from across Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. The Forum was quite relevant in the light of the state program ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ which is aimed at improving the quality Kazakh people’s lives through the development of IT-technologies.


The entrepreneurs questioned themselves how to deal with a huge flow of IT instruments, and the developers of various business tools decided to form an Association in order to constantly supply businessmen with information and organize such sort of discussion platforms.    

The forum featured a specialized exhibition where local businessmen learnt how to use new information technologies, which are applicable in various spheres from dental clinics to leather product manufacturers and clothing design.


We have been using computerized embroidery for 7 years. This coat was made with computerized embroidery. An artist draws an ornament, then the software processes it, even the cutout, then an IT specialist loads the final design, and the machine automatically reads the input.

According to organizers, Digital Marketing business forum will be held annually since it is the only platform for sharing the most advanced technologies in building marketing strategies, online sales, and step by step instructions for successful business management.