A unique exhibition has opened in Astana

A unique exhibition has opened in Astana

A unique exhibition has opened in Astana. The organizers brought together all talented artists from around the world on one platform. The exhibition features paintings of the artists from Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan. The unusual campaign has been organized by the Academy of Ambitious Artists. The project’s author is an artist from Almaty Alesya Artemieva. Its main purpose is promotion of peace and creativity through the universal language of art. The exhibition features art pieces by various painters. The youngest participant is only 20, and the eldest is 83 years old.


A person should be ambitious. This is the most important criterion. I want to work with people who really want to achieve something in their life, want to be recognized, hardworking, who are not afraid to demonstrate their paintings, send it to us even from other countries, so we could demonstrate them.

Talented and ambitious artists have showcased the entire palette of available techniques, styles and genres. These works are painted in the ancient Japanese technique Oshibana - no paints, but using different herbs, grains and various spices. The color scheme of each painter is as original as the creative approach in philosophy or design.


I am the founder of a new philosophy of the steppe. That is, I create a new flexible language through pictorial forms that imply the idea of unity. I think artists have to keep up with the times, and this project is a great achievement for the whole Kazakh art.

Armat Bektassov represents Kazakhstan in the international project. His works and other participants’ paintings will be exhibited in many cities around the world. After the road show in Barcelona, ​​there will be an auction which will bring together the art lovers from all over Europe. The best works will be sold, and the raised funds will be utilized for development of children's creativity in one of the participating countries. London artists’ community recognized the unique project as the most promising in the field of international art and culture. Academy of Ambitious Artist plans to organize an exhibition in Minsk and Dubai next year.