Kazakhstan’s third modernization will have an impact on entire Eurasia

Kazakhstan’s third modernization will have an impact on entire Eurasia

Kazakhstan’s third modernization will have an impact on entire Eurasia. The tasks set by President Nazarbayev are relevant for the EAEU countries. Kazakhstan’s experience will positively affect the union member economies, Chairman of the EEC Board Tigran Sargsyan says.


I have carefully examined Nursultan Nazarbayev’s address to the Kazakh nation and have noted the key priorities related to the integration process. I believe that the implementation of the ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ project will foster the country’s modernization.

The President’s address to the Kazakh nation raised the most relevant questions of technological modernization. The economic modernization will positively affect both Kazakhstan and Eurasia, the EEC Minister of Technical Regulation says.


President Nursultan Nazarbayev has set five main priorities in his address to the Kazakh people such as modernization in healthcare and business, that is, creation of favorable business conditions. Everyone is interested in that. Everyone will benefit from the future developments in these spheres. It will become a common experience, an opportunity to work for common goals and a single market, for integration, to make our businesses more profitable. On the one hand, it will cover customers’ demand, and on the other hand will expand export potential.

Professor of Eurasian Social Development Institute in China Wang Xianju believes that the "Third modernization of Kazakhstan" proposed by the President is a great step forward. According to him, Kazakhstan should thoroughly examine the future measures in this area. The professor says along with high-tech, agriculture is worth paying attention to.


The president has not just made a clear plan but also gave precise instructions on its implementation. Therefore, this project is quite feasible. Development of infrastructure is one of the goals. Kazakhstan intensified cooperation with the neighboring countries in order to utilize its transport and transit potential. Kazakhstan and China have implemented many projects in infrastructural development. Last year, two out of eight joint projects have been fully implemented. These projects will set the pace for the future development of the two economies.