Writers’ marathon kicks off

Writers’ marathon kicks off

The first Writers’ Marathon was launched in Kazakhstan bringing together young and experienced writers and bloggers. According to the rules, the participant must write 50,000 words per month. The idea was borrowed from the book "No Plot? No Problem!" by American writer Chris Baty. Such events are held worldwide in November. However, Kazakhstan’s version has its advantages, the organizers say.


The original marathon «NaNoWriMo» is for fiction. It is a marathon of novel writing, but we decided not to limit the marathon to novels and let our participants write books on psychology, self-development, self-help, some write about parenting. Their books will be the main prize for participants. Imagine everyone will have a 50,000-word book. We will reward the winners with diplomas.


It is good to be a part of a worldwide campaign. We have our own group chat among the participants with different backgrounds, of different age and professions. We cheer each other if we have any delays or lack of ideas. I think 50,000 words are not the ultimate goal, the most important thing is that they are taking part in this project, started developing their writing skills. The courage to make the first steps is more important than the result.

There are 70 participants in the writing marathon. The campaign has expanded far beyond Kazakhstan’s territory, involving writers from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Washington, Prague and Seoul. The organizers are planning to organize the second marathon in May.