Exhibition of Kazakh national artist Aubakir Ismailov

Exhibition of Kazakh national artist Aubakir Ismailov

Kazakhstan’s National Museum will host a unique exhibition of the Kazakh painter Aubakir Ismailov. The exposition is devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence and Expo 2017. It includes over 150 paintings, previously presented at the UN and UNESCO headquarters. The exhibition will feature watercolor paintings from Kasteyev State Museum of Arts and caricatures of the 1930-60s from the National Museum’s collection. The artist was awarded the title of People's Artist of Kazakhstan during his lifetime. He created a significant number of colorful and unique paintings, which, according to critics, have become symbolic for several generations of his compatriots.


He stood out both for his artistry and a scientific perception of the world. He painted the famous people’s portraits conveying not just colors but their personalities, and his landscape paintings demonstrate the richness of the Great Steppe’s nature.


Today we dedicated our exhibition to the 105th anniversary of our dad.  he used to be a choreographer, ballet master, a dancer.

The exhibition will be open for three months. The organizers hope that it will become a continuation of Aubakir Ismailov’s legendary projects and will contribute to the further exploration of the artist’s multifaceted talent and works.