A new program Digital Kazakhstan will be developed soon

A new program Digital Kazakhstan will be developed soon

A new program Digital Kazakhstan will be developed soon. Experts say that the program will boost the use of new technologies in Kazakhstan. However, they are already widespread in Kazakhstan. For instance, smartphone apps help to find expo pavilions and provide information about Expo events and their location. This is convenient and surprising because this app was developed by a 10 year-old school student.


I came up with this idea even a month ago because I wanted to learn more about Expo. But when I was searching for information in the Web I could hardly find anything. Therefore, we developed a new application at our school. I hope that it will help expo visitors to find venues quickly.

The unique children’s IT school helped Aimen to develop the app. Its youngest students are just 6 years old.


Children structure their thoughts with a help of IT algorithms. A kid thinks not just about playing but how to create a game. Children spend hours on a computer, why wouldn’t they benefit from it.

The campaign ‘Code It’ was launched for this purpose. Schools select students talented in IT. As it became known, every third student has such talent. It is not accidental that the President Nazarbayev focuses on IT in his address. The Ministry of Information and Communications has already started the creation of the ‘Digital Kazakhstan’


Technology does not stand still; we all understand this, therefore we need to progress together with it in such directions as the industry 4.0, big data, and cloud computing, smart cities. The Ministry has already started work in this area.

The program is divided into 4 sections. The first is the access to the broadband Internet. It will be accessible throughout more than 1,200 rural settlements. The second is increasing digital literacy. It is planned to train over 100,000 workers in different sectors of the economy to use the modern technology. Another section will be focused on automation of industries such as agriculture, transport and logistics and e-commerce. The so-called Proactive Government will be created as part of the fourth section, where citizens will receive composite services

3D printers are a separate sector. The Chinese already build their houses with 3D. They can be manufactured in Kazakhstan in the international IT start-ups technological park. The park will promote innovations in Kazakhstan and will be located on the Expo territory. The IT park participants will obtain their free of charge offices and tax incentives. That is, everything will be designed to create favorable conditions for high-tech developers.