Art exhibition ‘The Breath of Color’ opened in Astana

Art exhibition ‘The Breath of Color’ opened in Astana

Art exhibition ‘The Breath of Color’ opened in Astana in support of the Winter Universiade held in Almaty and 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korean Pyeongchang. The exposition features the works of Kazakh painters who participated in the Olympic Committee’s competition last year. The paintings have no stylistic limitations and are experimental.


We organized this exhibition to congratulate the successful outcome of Almaty Universiade and also to let people know that a year from now we have Pyeongchang winter Olympics in Korea. So, we brought, we invited artists to show their artistic paintings related to Olympics and sport and we are very honored to have this exhibition here at the Culture Center.

Triathlon became a source of inspiration for Marzhan Abildina. The painter says that doing this type of sport brings incredible experience and opens up new horizons in creativity. At present, the painter works in such directions as expressionism and abstraction. All her works are filled with deep philosophical perception of reality, light and tenderness.


I do sport. It helps to accumulate lots of energy; you become stronger, with stronger immune system and cleaner aura. I think sport and art are quite compatible.


Both athletes and artists are creators. Step by step, shaping themselves, fighting their ego and cultivating spirituality, an athlete and an artist climb to the top. The paintings give spectators a powerful charge of energy; such an expression, such internal strength!

According to critics, some similarities can be spotted between the Kazakh artists’ works and Korean folk paintings due to intense color palette and metaphorical expression. This is another proof that art and sport have no boundaries.