Discussion of Kazakh president’s address

Discussion of Kazakh president’s address

The latest address of the Kazakh president will help Kazakhstan enter the world’s leading economies. According to the former Vice President of European Commission Gunter Verheugen, the task set by Nursultan Nazarbayev to enter top 30 developed countries of the world by 2050 is rather feasible.   


The president’s program is quite ambitious, especially with regard to economics. The thing I liked the most in the address is that the President puts emphasis on business. The country that has lots of SMEs is a successful country. SMEs lead to political, economic and social stability. I believe that this is the path that will lead Kazakhstan to success. The Kazakh president has elaborated a set of reforms that encompass various spheres and it can be only praised and welcomed.

An adequate assessment of Kazakhstan’s potential is the key to success on the way to achieving the tasks set out in Kazakh President’s address to the nation, the rector of the Kiev Institute of Business and Technology says.


Kazakhstan is a huge industrial country. This industrial type of economy will facilitate reaching this ambitious goal - to enter the world’s top 30 leading countries. So, all these steps outlined in the address, good labor market, the development of human potential, the state program "Small and medium-sized businesses.

One of the key priorities of Kazakhstan’s third modernization is the development of the new Eurasian logistics infrastructure. The President set a task to increase the income from cargo transit fivefold by 2020, stressing that Kazakhstan needs to cooperate with neighboring countries in order to fully utilize its logistics potential. The head of the Eurasian Association of Economic Cooperation of entrepreneurs and public organizations Igor Filkevich believes that Kazakhstan's participation in the construction of major transit corridors in the region carries not only economic benefits, but also changes in political situation. This will strengthen Kazakhstan’s position in the international arena.


Kazakhstan participates in the construction of vital arteries, that facilitate the transportation of goods and products from anywhere in the world. Kazakhstan's inclusion in the main highways of the world is an important task. Strategically, it will provide a great income. Kazakhstan's position will become more firm after EXPO 2017. The countries visiting Expo in Kazakhstan will discover new transit ways and new investments opportunities, which will provide additional benefits to Kazakhstan’s economy.