Results of international expedition ‘nomads of great steppe’

Results of international expedition ‘nomads of great steppe’

International Turkic Academy announced the results of the second archaeological expedition to Mongolia. In 2 months, the participants restored the ritual complex of the ancient Turks Shiveet Ulaan. Archeologists found 13 stelae depicting people and animals. Archaeological site had previously been studied. However, the expedition carried out by the Turkic Academy is the first comprehensive study. Kazakh archeologists took part in the expedition as well. Experts stress the work carried out has allowed establishing the original structure of the complex.


The area of the Shiveet Ulaan that we studied is the center of Otuken where great Tengri was worshiped. The kings took fateful decisions. Kurultai trials and meetings were convened here too. This archaeological site poses great interest to the entire Turkic world. We have studied only one part of a ritual complex, there is still a lot of work to do. The project will last until 2019.

The event also featured a presentation of a unique collection about endangered Turkic languages. The edition is the result of extensive research of the academy as part of the UNESCO program for protection of languages. The multi-volume scholarly work includes articles of 130 scientists from 26 countries.


There are nearly 175 million people speaking Turkic languages. It is a very small figure on a global scale. Language is not only a way to convey one’s thoughts but also a national heritage. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research and preserve the Turkic languages.

Experts say the implementation of such sort of projects will help to preserve cultural monuments of Turkic nations.