Marat Tuksaitov’s solo exhibition has been opened in Astana

Marat Tuksaitov’s solo exhibition has been opened in Astana

The history of a homeland in still images: a solo exhibition of a well-known artist Marat Tuksaitov has been opened in Astana, where he has presented 40 paintings depicting the artist’s native village. The main feature of the art pieces is the accurate and vivid representation of images, atmosphere, time and place. This can be spotted in drawings depicting various seasons inviting the spectators to plunge into the beauty of that particular place.


The exhibition’s main idea is to let people go back to their roots, remember their native village, maybe after seeing the paintings, somebody will want to visit their native auyls.

The artist notices and transmits subtle details familiar to most Kazakh people. According to his fellow artists, Marat Tuksaitov also creates documentary chronicles.


I think such villages will no longer be present in 10-15 years. The future villages will look like small towns without those old style houses. This is the main value of the pictures, they illustrate the past.

The talented artist, muralist, landscape, portraits and still life painter is well known not only in Kazakhstan but also far beyond its borders. His paintings were exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the new Moscow Manege. His works are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kazakhstan, private collections in Russia, Hungary, Norway, USA, Germany and China.