Master classes from leading figures of art

Master classes from leading figures of art

Unusual workshops were organized by prominent culture and art workers of Kazakhstan. The leading filmmakers, actors and artists shared secrets of their professions with students in Astana. The meeting was organized as a dialogue and a debate, so visitors could not only learn about the history of culture, but also share ideas on its further development.


Asking questions indicates partiality. So, our students learn more about culture. The workshop photos will be included in the album-book ‘Kausar’. 

The author says this collection will include the photos and documents of all art workshops they organized. Ballet, opera and instrumental art representatives took part in cultural workshops with students. A famous Kazakh artist Zhenis Kakenuly demonstrated the impact of national customs and traditions on painting at his own exposition. He presented a series of pictures about horsemen. The artist depicts his reverent attitude to the noble animals and is proud that the horse was domesticated on the Kazakh land.


Horses take central place at the exhibition because these animals accompanied Kazakh nomads everywhere: in a war and labor, in joy, sports and games. There are also paintings dedicated to the Kazakh national instruments, and urban landscapes of our cities.

Zhenis Kakenuly works in different directions: painting, drawing and computer art. His paintings are in private collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova and Turkey. The artist is also the author of the book "Akzer", a collection of articles on the history of the world and Kazakh art.