Kazakhstan singer wins the hearts of Chinese audiences

Kazakhstan singer wins the hearts of Chinese audiences

Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen is becoming more and more popular in China. The young singer won the hearts of the ‘I am a Singer’ competition spectators from the first performance. At present, famous Chinese artists are negotiating with Dimash on joint performances; large record labels and production companies are ready to sign contracts with him. The fans are resorting to various tricks to see the singer.


This is like a movie, when an ordinary person wakes up famous one morning. We fly from Beijing to Changshu and fans buy the same flight tickets just to spend some time next to him.

Dimash Kudaibergen’s success has triggered interest in learning the Kazakh language, many Chinese fans send gifts and letters to the artist in the Kazakh language. Local manufacturers increase sales, using the name of Dimash. According to marketers, even posting a photo of the Kazakh singer as a screensaver in an online store can attract potential customers.


Dimash Kudaibergenov’s singing cannot leave anyone indifferent. He really deserves this popularity. My entire family watches the show and cheers him.

The second stage of the contest will finish in April. At the fourth stage, the winner will be chosen by online voting. The singer’s producer Alpamys Sharimov says that they are aimed to win, and their main mission to demonstrate Dimash’s vocal skills to the audience. The talented singer is admired not only in China but worldwide.