Experts: third modernization opens up new ways for Kazakh economy

Experts: third modernization opens up new ways for Kazakh economy

Kazakh President’s latest address to the nation opens a way to the digital age, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Great Britain, Jonathan Fryer said. Due to digitization of the economy and development of information technologies, a number of industries may lose relevance and may be substituted by completely new productions and industries. Therefore, according to the politician, President Nazarbayev puts emphasis on economic modernization through technological breakthrough.


President’s address was launching Kazakhstan into the next stage of its development to acknowledge the challenges of the digital age to make Kazakhstan truly modern country. So, that economic message was really important. It’s extraordinary the economic growth in Kazakhstan has enjoyed since independence.

German experts discussed the third modernization of Kazakhstan’s economy as well. The expert on Central Asia, Birgit Wetzel, noted the importance of the current address of President Nazarbayev. She says that the tasks set by the Kazakh president will help the country to keep the momentum going.


I am very impressed by the reforms that Kazakhstan is planning to implement. The Kazakh President paid particular attention to the economic modernization and SME support in his address. I think this is very important. It will give a boost to Kazakhstan in general. President Nazarbayev has also emphasized the importance of educational reforms. I believe that Germany and the EU can facilitate on this to support Kazakhstan on its way to modernization.

Over the years of Kazakhstan’s independence, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has successfully implemented a number of reforms, and now it is crucial to adhere to the same development path, the member of the European parliament Tatyana Zhdanok believes.


A country cannot be completely independent and cannot be considered a full member of the global politics without its own manufacturing.  Setting the task of food supply is important for Kazakhstan which is the key player in the Eurasian continent and in the integration processes. I am talking about a more detailed planning that avoids overproduction. It is specified in your program. Kazakhstan can become advanced if you invest in human capital and I wish you good luck in that.